Rich Jones • "Devotion"

Rich Jones is a hustler in the truest sense. A man of the people who never seems too far from a party, gathering, or recording session around the city, Rich has come a long way over the years with his music. Most recently, he has begun to look to new places for inspiration and began really branching out with his music into new creative avenues that have led him to this more sultry, R&B-driven track. "Devotion" might be a symptom of hanging out with The O'My's too much, as the new number is a delightfully-soulful single which dropped yesterday.

No one pays more attention to Jones than TheseDays. We even premiered his single "Loops (Cuffing Season)" just before the new year. With "Devotion", we hear a sound we've been waiting to hear from the guy for some time. Linking up with DJ Elliven, Rich continues to prove that he is the nexus for the new swing by pulling from a myriad of experiences over the last couple of years. That time has also seen him in the electronic world, which he dabbled in throughout 2015 with collaborations alongside Las Vegas producer Ryan Lofty, who said via Twitter yesterday that the pair will release a joint album in 2016.

It's been an exciting time for Rich and things should only get smoother moving forward. Until then, check out "Devotion" above.