Mulatto • "Changes (Remix)"

In the wake of learning that David Bowie passed away yesterday morning after a battle with cancer, Hurt Everybody's Mulatto uses some classic Bowie as inspiration for a new instrumental. Mulatto calls it a remix, but it's really a clever manipulation of Bowie's "Changes" with some hot original elements added courtesy of the up and coming producer. Lets quickly address how raw that single artwork is. S/O churchdontspot for the crazy illustration. It's not often we see Mulatto releasing instrumentals, but "Changes" comes as his second in less than a week. Lets hope this is the sign of a new trend. In addition to letting freebies go on his Soundcloud, Mulatto is also working on Hurt Everybody and Mick Jenlkin's Potion(s). The collaboration doesn't have a release date yet, but it's already one of the most anticipated projects of the new year.