Premiere • Gem Tree of Highness: "Here's To"

Directed by Kalyn J 8027 Films

If you haven't heard of the all-female collective that is Highness by now, you better get on board. The five-member group has been around for a couple of years in difeerent varieties and has emerged over the last year as a more refined, sleeker version of itself as the group evolved from the cocoon that was S.H.E. In that process, Loona Dae and Gem Tree have stepped to the front and become principle creative forces since their 2015 release, Young Taboo.

Moving into the new year, we got a new single with Loona out front in "Radio Play" that was debuted on our weekly radio show and today we're proud to premiere Gem's side of things in the video for "Here's To" which comes complete with backing production from fellow member Schenay Mosley and The Highness Collective, T.H.C. of course for short. The whole package together is a fun change of pace that shows the sheer range of the group that plays with turn of the millennium pop and hip-hop sensibilities combined with contemporary stylings. It's dope and a fun watch all the way through. You'll definitely be hearing "Here's To" on TheseDays Radio.

We were able to catch up with Gem earlier today and discuss the video, the ideas behind it, and what's next for Highness.

TheseDays • How did this single come about?
Gem Tree • "Here's To" was produced by Highness member, Schenay Mosley, a while ago. Recently presented to the collective, guitarist, Ora, wanted to add a guitar line. Gem wanted to write to it. From there, "Here's To" is now a brilliant collab from The Highness Collective(T.H.C.)
TheseDays • What about this single differs from past work?
Gem Tree • This single is one of the first collaborations from T.H.C.. Since switching from recognition as a band to a collective.
TheseDays • How has Highness been evolving going into 2016?
Gem Tree •There are a number of new works in progress where individually and together, The Highness Collective, will now give a bigger variety of styles, genres, etc.
TheseDays • Story behind the title.
Gem Tree • The title remains from when Schenay Mosley first presented it. Gem's lyrics fit the title. The time fits the name.
TheseDays • What do you hope listeners take away from this one?
Gem Tree • I want listeners to enjoy the music while recognizing that standards/self-worth is still priority.