Medicine Woman Update • New Tracks from Drea Smith & Via Rosa

Former roommates and current buds, Drea Smith and Via Rosa both help to form Medicine Woman. Singular. Medicine Woman is a collective, which also includes Ravyn Lenae, Jean Deaux, Khelani, and more. With creative female union, brunch dates, and blunt tokes, the talents provide the world with acoustic covers, open letters, full moon gratitude, and fragile lullabies. These artists are crafting a unique culture in Chicago that's impossibly replicable. Look out for a lengthier piece on this movement coming soon. In the meantime:

Over the weekend, Via Rosa released the single "Wishing Wells" alongside producer Na'el Shehade. Although the two make the electronic duo known as DRAMA, this song is not credited under that moniker. Instead, it's a more stripped down and bare piece, one that is both rough and relaxing. In the SoundCloud description, Via explains that "Wishing Wells" is one of the first songs made with Na'el. Two weeks later, she says, they formed DRAMA Duo. Enjoy the track above and look out for a video to DRAMA's "Hopes Up" right around the corner.

Since we were able to view the full moon over the weekend, Drea Smith decided to pay her debts to Mother Moon and release another collection of strong songs. She did this previously with her initial Triple Goddess EP, and now we get the second installment entitled Neurotic Love Songs + Other Bad Decisions. All demos, all unmixed, all older and unreleased, the fifteen minute single SoundCloud upload hones in on four tracks. We received "3", "6", and "9" in the first part of the Triple Goddess series, and now we get 12, 15, 18, 21. Far out. 

Be sure to catch Medicine Woman live at Emporium on January 31st. All proceeds go toward helping to save Via Rosa's home. 

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