Zona Man • "Pounds"

Directed by Forman James & Zona Man

Zona Man was a name not familiar by many just a year ago, but after gaining the attention of Atlanta's Future, Zona's clout increased drastically. Growing up in Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes and later moving to the city's east side where he resides today, Zona Man came to a crossroads in his life where he decided to pursue music seriously following being shot by police in 2008. Zona's story is not one of overnight success, in fact it is still very much developing, but being tapped by Future to join his Honest tour in 2014 has provided Zona Man with opportunities that many young artists only dream of.

With his official debut "No Advance" out and available for consumption on all major platforms courtesy of the Epic backed Freebandz, Zona Man continues the album push with a gritty visual co-directed by himself and Foreman James for the C-Sick produced "Pounds". He may be affiliated with one of the hottest rappers out right now, but there's no glitz and glamour here, just backdrops an east sider like Zona Man is familiar with.