G Herbo • Ballin Like I'm Kobe

In 2015, Drill music’s influence across the nation is still undeniably relevant. Just look at all the out of towners it paved the way for to go viral over their appropriation of the Chicago scene. Nonetheless, while it might have been pushed out of the mainstream’s scope it was once under, the city is oozing with longer lasting talent than its imitators and one of the locals’ brightest emcees is planning on a new takeover.

G Herbo has been around since the peak of the movement, when he was known as Lil Herb, and earned his respect as an emcee through his collaborations with Lil Bibby and his debut 'tape Welcome To Fazoland. Since then, his output has stayed consistent enough to have garnered the interest of indie label Cinematic Music Group, which also houses Joey Bada$$ and Mick Jenkins. With sights on the bigger picture, CMG partnered up with Herbo to release his debut album and his latest mixtape, Ballin Like I’m Kobe, a re-introduction of sorts to his new name and an ode to his fallen homies, specifically Jacobi Herring (aka Kobe).

BLIK is made up by 15 tracks that Herbo uses as a platform to speak on his personal growth, his relationships with the people around him and the struggle he’s had to endure living in the east side of Chicago. The pain is palpable with every line when he speaks about disappointing his parents (“L’s”), seeing friends pass away (“Remember”) and realizing that not everyone around you has your back (“Ain’t Right”). Yet there’s also this youthful bravado that contrasts the darker moments, Herbo is aware and confident that he can overcome anything and lyrics like “soon as I get finished at the line, I'ma keep wilding” prove that he isn’t stopping anytime soon. This is just the beginning for Herbo and we can’t wait to hear what the album will sound like, but Ballin Like I’m Kobe is a great listen to hold us over.