Whitney • "Follow (Acoustic)"

Last December, Chicago rock outfit Smith Westerns announced their split. In the aftermath of losing a great band, guitarist Max Kakacek (formerly of Smith Westerns) formed a new group with vocalist/drummer Julien Ehrlich (formerly of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Smith Westerns) called Whitney. They joined with Ziyad Asrar (guitar), Malcolm Brown (keys), Will Miller (trumpet/keys/percussion), and Josiah Marshall (bass), most of whom played in yet another Julian Ehrlich band, Touching Voids. Seemingly without hesitation, the six piece began playing shows as often as they could. With followers from past bands and a really strong work ethic, Whitney was able to tour around the country having only released one song.

While the public doesn't have the official version of the song, Whitney's most recent release is a video of the band playing an acoustic version of the song “Follow”. The group is on the dock of a lake in Bloomington, Indiana, skipping rocks and crafting lullabies with two acoustic guitars, a tambourine, and a trumpet. The song is equally as soothing as the harmonizing nature that surrounds them.

According to their Facebook page, the song “Follow” was written “for [Julien's] grandfather before he passed away last winter. It's one of my fav Whit song we've made so far. Hope you enjoy this stripped down version.” This video is nicely done by Acoustic War Machine, and it gives an extra level of personality to a band that is still in its early stages. Look out for much more from this buzzing Chicago band (as well as the official version of "Follow"), as they are currently molding one of my most anticipated projects of the year.