Abandoned Mall Arcade • "Vishnu"

Yesterday saw the announcement and introduction to experimental group Abandoned Mall Arcade, a duo made up of French-American producer Elias Abid and Louisville native and Chicago-based vocalist Jabril Power. While 20-year-old Abid has plenty of solo work, this is 21-year-old rapper/singer Power's first time releasing music. It might be more fitting to describe Power as an author as he has previously released a “comprehensive and interactive” philosophy book called What to Do.

As an intro to the duo, they released a music video to coincide with their first single “Vishnu”. This all comes in preparation for a six song self-titled EP that will arrive next week. The video, directed by David Hughes Jr., is simple yet moving, aggressive yet still. Welcome to the avenue of the avant-garde, the alleyway of the experimental. Abandoned Mall Arcade is a literary realm arriving from the future, traveling through time to preach on the contrast between chaos and the four-armed protector Vishnu.

If Abandoned Mall Arcade doesn't draw an image in your head, I'm not sure what will. Know that their EP is right around the corner, beckoning new followers with vocal apparitions, with piano-driven instrumental come-ups and breakdowns. The arcade in the mall may be vacant and closed indefinitely, but the games are all fully charged and no coins will be needed on September 28.