Rich Jones (ft. Defcee) • "Press Play Go"

Directed by Elijah Alvarado & Yakub

Veteran emcee and friend of the team, Rich Jones has been putting in work as an artist and an overall Chicago personality for years. Between the music he's created with his group Second City Citizens, to his solo efforts, Rich Jones has an extensive catalog that I would argue could hold its ground with most who were to challenge it. Over this past year, we've witnessed Rich tweak his style a bit and embrace melody and start releasing new music as a singer as well as an emcee. The aforementioned change in delivery is most noticeable on Rich's last release, the Pigeons & Waffles EP. 

Taking a moment to revisit this project, Rich and fellow wordsmith Defcee take a walk alongside the 606 and urge listeners to un-pause their lives, just press play go.  With directors Elijah Alvarado and Yakub behind the lens, "Press Play Go" comes alive as Rich and Defcee cross paths as they seemingly just going about their business on a beautiful day in Chicago. Both Rich and Defcee are two incredibly talented and often slept on artists. Regardless of who's on board now, it's impossible to continue to ignore the consistently great work these two churn out regularly.