Closed Sessions • Spicy Caliente

Following the less than amicable departure of Alex Wiley, Closed Sessions was thrust under the microscope by many, questioning their intentions within the local music community and how their ongoing relationships with local artists would fare over time. Handling the situation like some champs, Closed Sessions weathered the storm and is here today to get back to the music and demonstrate just how hot their roster still is.

Book ended with instrumental works from CS producers BoatHouse and Odd Couple respectively, the filling of this 5 track EP are three new singles from the label's now sole emcee, Kweku Collins. All hands are on deck, and each contributor gets a chance to showcase their talents on their own, and work with their teammates over the course of the EP. 

Like Odd Couple says, "Spicy Caliente is us being us. Just expressing the vibe we all share, but mixed with a sound we all love. From Kweku's cadence to Boathouse's bouncy backdrops, Spicy Caliente is the hot shit that needs no explanation. It's like Siracha, sweat with a smile." No need to turn the A/C on, embrace the heat and dive right into this free offering from the still thriving Closed Sessions team.