Celine Neon (Ft. The Rapper Chicks) • "Vacation Time"

Directed By  Danny Bittman

If there's been a consistent theme in my coverage throughout 2015, it has to be the uptick in local female acts stepping out across the board. From rap to R&B to rock and everything in between it certainly has been a bountiful year for the ladies from the 'Go and it continues here with a pair of acts that have been buzzing for a minute as electro-pop duo Celine Neon team up with hip-hop trio The Rapper Chicks for the visual rendering of their single "Vacation Time".

Having heard their name all over town for most of the summer, I only caught them once at Midwest Hype's annual Poonaroo Festival in Michiana and it was an interesting sight to say the least. The two longtime friends may be Broad City performed as a musical and are just as fun as the hit show, never really stopping to take themselves too seriously. Here, they appropriately align themselves with the likes of Psalm One, Angel Davanport (Angelenah?) and Fluffy who make up the all-female Rapper Chicks squad. You'd be hard-pressed to find two acts with more excitement around them locally and each have been able to use their summer vacation time to it's full extent. Check out the video for the accompanying song below.