Kweku Collins • "Corner Store"

Last year, Chicago indie hip hop label Closed Sessions dug up this Evanston, IL native and helped curate and release his latest project, the Say It Here, While It's Safe EP. As the sole emcee on Closed Sessions' roster following the departure of their flagship artist Alex Wiley, there's no doubt in my mind that Kweku Collins will receive increased attention as he and his team prepare the follow up to his CS debut.

Unrelated to any future project, Kweku hits up his neighborhood bodega for some essentials on his 19th birthday in "Corner Store". The subject matter may be basic, but he also produced the track and the lyrical content is something most readers can relate to. Take a trip to the neighborhood store above and pick up some blunts for the homie Kweku. Smoke him out if you're feeling generous. It was, after all, his birthday yesterday.