Max Wonders • You Will Never Find

Max Wonders is growing up. Now, that's not to say he's been immature in the time we've known him - quite the opposite actually. With The Wonder Tape, and even as early back as Complicated Simplicity, Max proved himself as a bright, very observant kid who knew better than to fall into the trappings that come with being young in a city like Chicago. Opting to spend his teenage years perfecting his craft.

With You Will Never Find we find Max in a bit of a different place. While it's clear he still maintains that edge, he seems to be allowing himself to get closer to the action than before. The 18-year-old admits he's been "young and dumb" this summer, "spending all his money on thrills" while splitting days in Chicago between friends and girls and spending late nights in LA at parties in the hills. Though his recent excursions seem uncharacteristic at first, it becomes clear his actions are rooted in understanding. A workaholic by nature, Wonders is forcing himself to let loose - having figured out the importance of being present and enjoying this time of his life. After all, these are the days where nostalgia comes from, provide inspiration and teach you about yourself. All the while Max reminds himself "Don't get lost in the summertime," never letting his eye off the prize.

One thing that doesn't change between YWNF and his earlier work is Max's ability to capture a mood then expand and develop it to create a strong project start to finish. Helping induce the feelings this EP was meant to is Sowle who handles just over half of the production, including highlights like, "TV Off" and "88 Changes." Overall You Will Never Find successfully encapsulates a very important time of life, and provides all the pieces for listeners to experience (or re-experience) the magic of it as Max does.