Netherfriends • "I Love Chicago Girls"

Directed by Remsy Atassi 

Netherfriends continues a strong, PR-less push of his most recent full-length Ladyfriends: A Stoner Love Album with a music video for "I Love Chicago Girls." With Remsy Atassi behind the lens, we see the one man band jump and jive his way through a crowd of local ladies at Canvas gallery in Wicker Park, stopping every now and then to strike a well-deserved pose. Netherfriends has really been doubling-down on the music videos this summer, this being his third in the last two weeks alone, and has really provided a window into his world in the process. With the constant stream of visuals showing where he roams and how he moves, paired with the musical mantra that is his new album and frankness of his Twitter account, Netherfriends has made it so fans can get to know him as well over the internet as you could bumping into him a few times a week in real life. Maybe having no PR is a good thing.