BJ The Chicago Kid (Ft. Chance The Rapper & Buddy) • "Church"

You want to know who might just possibly be the hardest working artist in Chicago? It's probably the guy with the city in his name. BJ The Chicago Kid has been keeping our newsfeeds packed steady with a seemingly never-ending schedule of features, singles, collaborations and the like, and we're definitely not mad at it. The TDE-affiliated singer teamed up again with fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper for the lead single off his upcoming project, "Church". The track is a decidedly soulful cut that calls to mind Chance's endearing "Sunday Candy" while channeling the soulfulness of their hometown that teases BJ's upcoming full-length project, In My Mind. It's a classic dying and yang of a Saturday night out. We all try to be good, but at the end of the day most are left wondering, "I hope I can get to heaven". Never one to be too subtle about his analogies (his name is The Chicago Kid), the visual finds him in all-white rap-handsing to the cameras juxtaposed against images that your mother might consider 'the devil's doing'. All in all a very solid track from an album that seems pretty overdue at this point. Check out the visual side to BJ's "Church" above.