Max Wonders (Ft. Trapo) • "Phone Call"

Chicago native Max Wonders broke out onto the scene last year following the release of the criminally slept on The Wonder Tape featuring fan favorites "Pray For Blue Skies", "I Know" and his most popular record to date, "Rich Kids". Since dropping his debut, Max has ventured out west for a change of scenery and inspiration, but Chicago remains home and the Windy City shall celebrate the upcoming release of his You Will Never Find EP on September 15th as though he was still down the block.

Over the past several months, Max has maintained a consistent release schedule, but almost every drop has had the disclaimer "not on You Will Never Find EP". Today, we get the third official single  from the EP featuring Madison, Wisconsin's Trapo, a fellow up and comer making a lot of noise in this Midwest market. Navigating some industrial sounding production from Inkubi, Max and Trapo make a call you're not going to want to miss.