Jinx The Natural • GMBC

If there's one thing that I've learned about Jinx The Natural it's that he thrives off of energy and is contagiously spreading his positive vibes. This energy is very consistent throughout his debut mixtape, Gods Must Be Crazy: an eleven track deep project containing features from the likes of Chicagoans Dally Auston and Roy French. The production on this mixtape is mainly handled by ByJustJohn and ItJams, although Charles, Jay Flow, and Hello Jizoo each make an appearance.

These eleven songs encompass an artist aggressively breaking out of his shell. Sometimes the DripGang affiliate is relieving his sorrows by humming them away ("Sierra") while other times all he can do to stay afloat is scream ("Coming Down"). It's pretty obvious that vocalists like Young Thug and Future dominate the speakers in Jinx's bedroom (this isn't a rare spectacle by any means), but rather than sounding like a cookie-cutter of forced musicality, Jinx molds his influences into his own outlet for experimental art.

You can stream GMBC above and be sure to check out Jinx's live show if you're in the Chicago area.