Leather Corduroys • "We Don't Know How To Stop"

Leather Corduroys, the latest beast from the SaveMoney machine, has quickly become one of Chicago's most recognized new groups following the release of their debut release, Season, and a handful of high profile concert bills (including this weekend's North Coast Music Festival). Alongside Los Angeles production duo Kendo and Shweez aka Two Fresh, Joey Purp and Kami continue their Leather Corduroy's ascent with the promise of never being able to halt. How appropriate. 

While this anthemic (see also: mumbled) single is the first time that Leather Corduroys have worked with Two Fresh, the production duo has previously worked with Joey Purp, collaborating on the Towkio-assisted single last month called "Gettin' Throwed." If you happened to have seen the video (directed by Jake Osmun), then you know that the lean-drenched hit is a fine introduction that leads quite nicely to the sleepy confidence of "We Don't Know How to Stop."