Ravyn Lenae • Moon Shoes

Chicago just continues to pump young talent to audiences at large and all summer we've been, well, raving about this high school junior who first raised eyebrows during recording sessions earlier this year at Classick Studios and continued to impress with a steady stream of singles and videos over the subsequent months leading up to last week's Moon Shoes EP release. The seven song project serves as most everyone's introduction to the the fresh talent and it's a positive one to say the least.

Moon Shoes is a collection of work spawned from sessions between Ravyn and frequent production collaborator Monte Booker, who himself has been impressing as of late through his own work with several Classick Fam artists. These two are a match made elsewhere though and Lenae's need for evolution in other parts of her current body of work are forgotten in Booker's beats that seem to suit Ravyn like a new layer of skin and steadies the project throughout. While we haven't yet caught up with Ravyn to go through the intricacies of her work, assuming she does write her own songs, this collection is very impressive on that front, taking personal experiences and warping them to resonate with a large swath of listeners, evident in her Soundcloud stats. Owner of one of the most intensely impressive live vocals I've yet to see on anyone this side of Eryn Allen Kane, Ravyn has been a crowd favorite at shows around the country and had the visuals for her singles "Greetings" and "Blossom Dearie" shot by local hip-hop veteran AZae Production who has worked with the likes of Lil Herb, Fredo Santana, Lil Durk and a long list of rap heavy hitters. 

While that aesthetic may not perfectly gel with the airy, free-thinking vibes of Moon Shoes, Ravyn certainly used the time off of school in the summer months to put together a project that succinctly sums up her ability as an artist and creator. As she heads back to high school at Chi Arts, we can only assume she'l be eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving and Christmastime and we can't wait to see what will come.