Eryn Allen Kane • "Slipping"

Collaborations and co-signs aside, Eryn Allen Kane is slowly but surely blossoming into the star we've expected, one solo single at a time. For her latest release, Kane delivers "Slipping.", a folksy, soul-searching single that continues to build her persona as a multi-faceted, powerful solo act.  While her previous drop, "Have Mercy" showcased the singer spilling her heart out, "Slipping" sees Kane addressing her emotions more intellectually as she picks apart a relationship from a place of understanding. Helping to complete the song, we have added instrumentation from Marrow's Liam Cunningham and Lane Beckstrom as well as drummer Peter Manheim.

Accompanying the single is also a similarly jarring visual from Verluxe which puts Eryn's ever-theatrical facial expressions front and center in the one-shot that perfectly adds to the emotion of the song itself. Kane's force comes from within, there's no bells and whistles and the feelings are pure and true. Dating back to her first visual with Davy Greenberg on her interpretation of BJ The Chicago Kid's "Her Pain" which also were heavy on close-ups of her endlessly expressive self. She's a killer, perfect on the vocals even when her hair sways about in the wind running down a street and here we get a full dose of everything she is. If you're not a fan yet, get onboard because the Eryn Allen Kane train is out of the station and barreling towards stardom.