ICEFACE • "Free Waves"

"...I come from a long line of players, them game-changers who footprints create craters..."

ICEFACE returns with a new visual ahead of his Drip God Sosa project - his last of a string of unofficial mixtapes seeing the Westside emcee rap over beats he can't help but hop on. Here he takes the instrumental for Drake's Grammy-Nominated diss track, and serves up something menacing. Following the tape's release, ICEFACE will turn his focus to his debut project ICE. Standing for the first portion of his little known moniker: Intelligent Child Evolving From A Corrupt Environment. Judging by the visuals it appears ICE is energized and eager to show what years of honing his craft has created. To learn a bit more about ICEFACE be sure to check out the stream of our recently recorded These Days Broadcast Episode 3 while you still can via the button below.