Trapo • "WHOA" (Freestyle)

Although Trapo resides in Madison, Wisconsin, his 2015 releases have been too good to pass up over at These Days. Despite focusing almost entirely on Chicago-based releases, we have been known to make exceptions, and one of these exceptions is Trapo.

We've covered his music with Max Wonders, we've covered his debut EP, The Black Beverly Hills, and we're covering him now, as he just released a freestyle called "WHOA". Despite being titled as "rough", the song is clean-cut and sharp-edged. Trapo has a great deal of lines and flows wrapped (see also: rapped) inside of his 17-year-old head and many of them come to light on "WHOA". It's great to see an artist with booming potential working on proper projects while also letting loose fun single and throwaways for the fans. Trapo's "roughs" might as well be another rapper's treasures. Who knows if this is the last we will hear of Trapo before entering 2016, but the young talent has given us enough content over the last twelve months to hold us over for a while.