RVMOR • Alchemy EP

You probably haven't heard of RVMOR. I hadn't until yesterday, when Chicago producer Dougy reposted RVMOR's debut EP, Alchemy. Composed of three tracks, the modern classical release is piano-driven and meditative as hell. Don't expect any drums to enter, or any vocals to find their way into these tracks. Instead, be prepared for short snippets of a pianist recording the notes inside of his head. At only four minutes, the three tracks are short and sweet, delicate and intimate.

While I'm not sure who RVMOR is, he/she is obviously in good company, as he/she also released a music video for the track "Sfumato", which isn't on the EP. I had to Google it, but "Sfumato" is "one of the four canonical painting modes of Renaissance art". With that in mind, the abstract trip-hop track features additional production from Dougy (hence the repost) as well as singing by Collin McGinn. The video, shot and edited by Liam Trumble, was shot over a 48 hour period and pitched as an experience rather than a music video.

Whether or not RVMOR is a new name on the scene, or if he/she is simply using an alter ego is unclear; regardless, these songs are evidence of the growing and blossoming Chicago scene. From hip-hop to bedroom pop to modern classical, there seems to be no boundaries #thesedays.