King Louie • Play Dat Again

Over the weekend, King Louie aka King L aka MuBu Gang's lead henchman released an eight-song project called Play Dat Again. Not necessarily a mixtape and a bit too long to be considered an EP, the free release is exactly what the world wanted from King L.

Opening with a sample that can be found on Dr. Dre's original The Chronic, the eight heaters on Play Dat Again come produced by Ramsay the Great, Plug, and iLLeeT. This short release is the third big drop from King Louie this calendar year. Back in May, we heard Drilluminati 3: God of Drill, sixteen pieces of fire. Then, in October, we heard 6 God Tony, a six song EP that alluded to even more certainties of Louie's affiliation with Drake. This all came after Louie got the OVO owl tattooed in front of his ear so you know it's real.


Play Dat Again is another fine addition to Louie's steadily growing discography. The eight tracks pack quite the punch and close out 2015 properly. Perhaps the most known piece on the project, this tape features the controversial/honest/powerful final track "Fuck Spike Lee". Given the title of the song, you know what you're in for, and whether or not you watched the movie Chi-Raq, I would recommend checking out this song to get the strong opinion of a true Chicagoan. Peep the video to the right, which might have you later searching Spike Lee's crib on Google Maps in order to set it ablaze. Too far? King Louie wouldn't think so.