Highness • "Radio Play"

Five-piece female group Highness has been a shifting and molding collective of creativity for the last couple years. Switching their name from SHE to Ya Highness to simply Highness, and changing their lineup a few times, the group has been stable and concrete since releasing their debut EP, Young Taboo, over the summer. 

As a follow-up to their seven-song debut that dropped half a year ago, members Loona Dae and Gem Tree wrote the new single "Radio Play", which was performed with Schenay Mosley on keyboard, Red on drums, Ora Nchi on guitar, and Gem and Loona on vocals. In fact, Loona Dae played it for us Sunday night as part of our These Days Radio live stream. On the relaxing track, mixing and mastering comes courtesy of TheseDays friend Chris Classick. While "Radio Play" stands alone with ease, the new single acts as the first song from Highness that will be featured on their second-coming untitled EP, set to be released early 2016.

"Elevate / Liberate / Escalate / Participate"