Brian Fresco • "Keep Up"

Brian Fresco is young, but has history in this Chicago scene already. Coming up under proven performers, Fresco's music matured quicker than a lot of his peers. With releases like Mafioso and the SoulMoney EP, Fresco has proven himself on more than one occasion. Following the exclusive premiere on These Days Radio Sunday night, SaveMoney's next up revives the Casanova talk with the release of his new single "Keep Up" produced by Trevor $. The highly anticipated Casanova has been in the works for some time now, but it sounds like that and more are coming in the near future. I believe Casanova is up first, but Fresco intends to follow quickly with a project called Post Drill and even has a headlining performance planned for January. Needless to say, it sounds like Brian Fresco has a busy winter ahead of him, so you better keep up, and you can do so by starting with this hot new record.