Via Rosa • "Fun an Games"

It's another week and that means another song from Chicago singer/chef Via Rosa. We saw her music video as part of the duo Drama (alongside producer Na'el Shehade) earlier this week, but that apparently wasn't enough for her. To continue dropping heat, Ms. Rosa delivered with the solo number "Fun an Games" [sic], which is a mellow piece produced by frequent collaborator / 2008ighties affiliate Sani. The two work perfectly together, as witnessed on their EP last year titled Cinderella '99. On this track, Via Rosa talks about being in love with two people and the tragedies and confusions that surround it. 

"You gotta pick one / You gotta choose / But I've been livin' in love with two / Livin' in love with you...and another"

In case you missed it, Sani recently produced an entire EP for Drea Smith called Triple Goddess, which we covered here last week. To bring it to a complete circle, Drea used to live with Via and the two share the same producers. Wise move.

Cry and reflect to "Fun an Games" and look out for more music from Via Rosa, most likely dropping before this article is finished.