ShowYouSuck & Joseph Chilliams • "Gayaka Gayaka"

Late last month, arcade bar Emporium in Chicago's Wicker Park hosted a TheseDays-sponsored event with headlining act ShowYouSuck. Billed as "ShowYouSuck and Friends", the veteran MC brought out numerous collaborators for various tracks throughout his set. One of the most surprising and enjoyable guest was Pivot Gang member Joseph Chilliams.

Chilliams is no stranger to These Days, as his series of recent singles has been entertaining our staff all fall. Now, Chilliams gets behind the boards and in front of the mic to assist ShowYouSuck with new single "Gayaka Gayaka", the same one they performed on stage together back in November. Playing off of Chris Tucker's joke directed at Jackie Chan in the first Rush Hour, the new song is the second single (following "RAD") off of ShowYouSuck's forthcoming EP, Alf Fan 420, which will be released before the end of the year.