Montana of 300 & Talley of 300 • Gunz N Roses

It's official: the entire month of December is 300 season. After hyping the project over the last few months, Montana of 300 and Talley of 300 let loose their fifteen song collaborative mixtape titled Gunz N Roses

The drill/trap/R&B-influenced project is a nice follow-up to Montana's mixtape Cursed with a Blessing, which dropped December 1, 2014. Almost exactly a year later, Montana of 300 is a bigger name throughout Chicago and beyond. Just this past September, he was out in L.A. collaborating with Kanye West on something unknown. While no further news has been announced on that, Gunz N Roses is a nice drop to close out 2015.

Tally of 300 is relatively unknown to me but this is a fine introduction to a strong rapper. Both MCs bounce back between aggression, manic flows, and smooth hooks, all of which is thrown over some of the most bass-heavy, hi-hat-filled production of year. It's a mixtape meant for your car, for your blunt session, for your next trip to the corner store. Hit play on this and feel badass doing the most mundane of activities, like working the front desk at a library in Hyde Park. I'm turning up while all these fools study. 

The visual additions, courtesy of A Zae Productions, do nothing but enhance Gunz N Roses. First, we saw a video for "MF's Mad", the second song on the mixtape, and most recently, they let loose a six-minute video for the posse cut "FGE Cypher". Bars, bro. 

Download the whole mixtape here for free.