Bobby Swan & Kevin Carey • "Breeze"

Chicago producers Bobby Swan and Kevin Carey are deep in the experimental underground, crafting beats that have been known to sound tropical, foreign, glitched out, and drug-induced.

The two worked together on Khallee's most recent EP, Burgundycollaborating on tracks "Balance" and "Whole Goofy". Continuing to highlight their chemistry together, they let loose the instrumental "Breeze". With artwork that features a foggy Chicago skyline, the new track is just as foggy, sounding like an anime interlude, like a Windy City sword fight in slow motion. 

Don't sleep on these two artists, who might not be the most well-known producers in the game right now, but who continue to prove themselves time and time again. The growth is inevitable. If you need more from these two, check out Kevin Carey's solo EP, Water Memory, which dropped a couple of months ago, and look out for something from Bobby Swan in early 2016. I've said too much.