Premiere • Rich Jones: "Loops (Cuffing Season)"

If you're a regular on TheseDays then you're likely familiar in some way with Chicago rapper Rich Jones who has been a consistent voice on the city's streets for awhile now and returns today for the premiere of this loosie single, "Loops (Cuffing Season)". Capping a year that saw Mr. Jones garner a solid amount of attention his way as he continued to grow into the act we've been expecting. Getting more in touch with himself on releases like LoveJones with Krush Love and more ethereal with recent collaborations with Ryan Lofty while proving his ability to handle straight bars with his Montana Macks collab, Pigeons & Waffles, Jones is proving himself to be one of the more fluid acts working right now. Teaming up here with producer Dan Wilcop, the everyday MC seems ready to break through as  he harmonizes in the chorus: "I can't change how I feel, that's just how it is, what you waiting for?" Jones is done waiting. It appears 2016 couldn't come soon enough. Get more in tune with the little Q+A here below.

TheseDays • What's different on this single?

More of a focus on blending flow + melody vs. strictly going in one specific direction.

TheseDays • What's the reason for timing of this release?

I was very happy with the support I got this year, wanted to give those who've been in my corner a little something extra.

TheseDays • Having been in the game for a minute what lessons did you learn in 2015?

To not be scared of releasing material but also taking care to do the little things that will help the records get more attention. To not take any of this for granted and be more in the moment with those around me.

TheseDays • How has your creative process evolved?

In terms of writing/recording, I've learned to write more so for what the song needs which has allowed me to widen my creative spectrum considerably. For performance, I've found a comfort zone that can really only come with experience and having a strong sense of self. 

TheseDays • What can listeners expect in the new year?

Lots of music + shows + touring. Looking forward to getting further acquainted with America + beyond.