Ty Money • "United Center"

Art Direction by DSGNRZ

Chicago rapper Ty Money recently released a video that quickly caught the attention of These Days staff members. I'm not familiar with any past material from Ty Money, but for his new single, "United Center", he crafted a Chicago-centric rap song interlaced over footage of the Laquan McDonald shooting. 

Dedicated to the tragedy of a police officer shooting McDonald sixteen times, Ty Money paints a gruesome yet honest picture of the day-to-day struggles of Chicago. From not having a stove as a child to bashing Chicago's current mayor, Money vividly covers a a brutal reality. 

"I just saw a body outside the United Center and they left him in his Jordan's."

With production from Novacane and art direction from DSGNRZ, this fearless single/video is an eyeopening number to say the least. Rest in peace to Laquan McDonald.