Jabril Power • "FutureWorld Freestyle"

Last month we featured a new act in experimental hip-hop duo Abandoned Mall Arcade as part of our Home Team series. One half of the group, Jabril Power dropped off a dope freestyle over a Com Truise production dropped overnight as he continues to work alongside frequent collaborator Elias Abid that comes across as both a progressive new take and a dope offering of bars during the holiday season. 

While I haven't fully dug into the Abandoned Mall Arcade project just yet, I may have to now having already fallen in love with Elias Abid's production, I finally get a chance here to see the other side of things which is a really dope eclectic mix of dance aesthetics and tripped out rapping that seems to float between the drastic highs and lows of the song throughout. While only a short freestyle, it continues to prove Jabril's ability to handle himself over a variety of backing sounds and sets the stage for what's to come from here.