Single Slideshow • Rockie Fresh

Earlier this month, we ran a piece on Rockie Fresh that covered two singles: “Too Long” and “Tell Me”. Since that time, the Chicago rapper has released four additional singles, all of which are worth discussing here.

With no features and no reliance on another names, these four songs are 100% Rockie Fresh, an MC who has been working with producers that help him grow, producers that enhance the spotlight of the talents of a 24-year-old rapper destined to shine as soon as he drops his highly anticipated album. 

While he teased a project known as The Night I Went To..., complete with a trailer and a promise that it would be out in 2015, it's not looking likely that we will see it until early 2016. Although I'm uncertain if we will see the songs below on the anticipated full-length, thankfully the MMG member is holding us over with these singles. Let's get after it.

Rockie Fresh - "The Landing" (Prod. Planetarian, Mike Daley, & Mitchell Owens)

Continuing his run of loose singles before 2016 strikes, Rockie Fresh let loose "The Landing". With three production credits and zero vocal features, the track molds around Fresh's autobiographical desires. With a piano-driven backdrop and additional thumping drums, "The Landing" is an anthemic number that works perfectly as the curtain closes on 2015. 

Rockie Fresh - “Thought About It” (Prod. Mike Daley & Chris Batson)

For “Thought About It”, we get a reflective and questioning Fresh who croons over something smooth. Rockie maintains cohesion with his recent drops, as almost all of them come produced by Mike Daley, Chris Batson, or both together (which is the case here). With the artwork as an aerial nighttime Chicago, what more do you need? Full of confidence as well as sorrow, Fresh clearly has something to prove going into 2016.

Rockie Fresh - “Aurora” (Prod. Mike Daley)

Fresh is on his happy shit on this one. “Aurora” is an open letter to a lover that sounds like heaven. Down to the guitar work and the chorus (“The night is young, hope we make it to the morning sun”), everything works here.

Rockie Fresh - “All I Want” (Prod. Hit Boy)

See “Prod. Hit Boy” and you know what you're getting into. Of the three included in this article, “All I Want” is the most energized, the most fitting for a whip. “She says diamonds last forever, shit, Rockie lasts forever.” More lines of vision, more lines of drive, Rockie is speeding into 2016 with a full tank and a backseat full of babes. Try to keep up with the chase.