Dreezy • From Now On

Diversity will always be a strength to any music scene, and (biased I may be) Chicago is dominating in the realm of female artists. Rap has one hell of a glass ceiling, but fortunately our city on the lake has been burying the naive stereotype that only dudes can spit deep under the ice.  Sick female rappers have been coming out of the Chicago area for years now, and Dreezy is the next up to be hitting some major spotlight.

And what do we see? Bars, bars, bars. Dreezy has crushed with an R&B bent before , but that's not what From Now On is. This mixtape is a heater, filled with raucous beats and Dreezy breathing fire. The production does its job but Dreezy’s charisma is the force driving From Now On, jacking up every track with her presence.   

On From Now On you'll find a track called "Serena" featuring Dej Loaf, a high point of the project.  No question that Dreezy would grace it with the visual treatment, considering Dej's star power and how damn raw the song is. Dej Loaf's verse in particular....wow. Her voice quietly disarms before methodically cutting you down, and it's some the best rapping you'll find in recent memory. Yet another quality release from Dreezy, and here's to more in 2016.