The Oy Vey Bebes • "The Latke Song"

Directed by Alec Basse

Yesterday saw the Christmastime premiere of Anthony Pavel and SKYLR's track "The Christmas Song". To keep things eclectic and diverse and delightful, and to cover as much of Chicago as possible, we are happy to share with you this new video courtesy of Consequence of Sound's Treehouse Sessions. 

Various members of Chicago bands The Orwells and The Walters, as well as musicians Joe Bordenaro, Luke Henry, and Rabbitfoot came together at Chicago's Treehouse Studio to form the one-time holiday supergroup The Oy Vey Bebes. Despite being surrounded by Christmas trees and Santa statues, the group decided to perform their very own rendition of Debbie Friedman's Hanukkah track "The Latke Song". The video is just as enjoyable as the song. Looking like a mixture between a drunk holiday party and a dress-up sleepover, The Oy Vey Bebes have come and gone too quickly. And although it is warm enough to not need a jacket in Chicago, it's nice to see videos like this at the end of December, in between shopping for presents and chugging Bailey's from the bottle. Despite their one-off creation, The Oy Vey Bebes have been immortalized in this entertaining video and hopefully they make an appearance around this time next year.