Kahrion • Mosaic EP

Earlier this year, back in May, Chicago artist Kahrion released his debut project, The Aura Tape. Although I didn't recognize the name, I recognized some of the names that he associated himself with: like vocalist Carl (of Hurt Everybody), like producers Von Vuai, Bitoy Beatz, and THEMpeople, like visual artist Stefan Meier. 

Seven of the eleven tracks on The Aura Tape came produced by Chicago producer Von Vuai (who now resides in Atlanta). This time around, perhaps noticing the obvious chemistry, Vuai is back with Kahrion for his six song Mosaic EP. Five of the six songs come produced by Von Vuai while teenage Kahrion himself handles the production on track "Show Me". 

The whole EP is rather lengthy. Other than the opening freestyle, the remaining five tracks extend beyond four minutes. Kahrion hones in on the atmospheric production, adding woozy vocal layers, throwing you into a trance and creating an environment where each four minute piece is a cloudy level. When it's all finished, if you're fully invested, you might blink heavily and question your surroundings. With comparisons to Chicago's own Max Wonders as well as the drowsy meanderings of Khallee, Kahrion is off to one hell of a start. Dropping his first two releases in the same year, it'll be exciting to see what he does next.