Jayaire Woods (Ft. Offset) • "Illegal"

We've been impressed with Chicago west side rapper Jayaire Woods ever since hearing his full-length trees42morrow. After releasing that breakout album, which was fully produced by VZN and Jordeaux, Woods signed a deal with Atlanta-based label Quality Control. Best known for repping acts like Migos, OG Maco, and Key!, QC added the Bellwood, Illinois native to the roster.

To solidify the partnership and to make the signing a bit more public, Jayaire Woods united with Offset of Migos for the track "Illegal". After being in jail for over half of 2015, Offset was released on December 4. Rather than simply relaxing and regrouping, Offset quickly and effectively returned to the booth, as the high-energy track with Woods is a nice piece to close out the year. Hopefully this is the first of many collaborative tracks we hear between Chicago and Atlanta, quite possibly the two strongest hip-hop cities in America at the moment. 

Expect more from Woods and QC as we go into 2016, whether it be in the form of an EP, a music video, or something more lengthy and meditated. For now, enjoy three minutes and thirty-three seconds of impressive illegalities.