Jack Red • "Sometimes"

Jack Red is a name you're likely more familiar with than you think. On top of his engineering duties at Soundscape studios, Jack Red aka Jabari Rayford has had a busy year providing supporting vocals for up and comer Sir The Baptist and also for Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment. You can catch jack in the background of Chance's recent performance on SNL. While a talented professional behind the scenes, Jack Red is also a force to be reckoned with as a performer. Having dropped only a small handful of tracks thus far as a solo artist, Jack's name as a vocalist is still developing a reputation, but so far that reputation is something to be proud of.

Conveying messages of hope, positivity, and also very real dilemmas in his music, Jack aims to not only draw your attention with his elegant vocal performance, but also with the content of his songs. In his new single "Sometimes", Jack Red talks marriage and a lingering passion for another woman. Things may be getting complicated in "Sometimes", but you decision to take a listen should be a simple one.