Frank Leone • "Supertramp USA"

“Supertramp USA” is a downward spiral, a grim ear-catcher. Exploring some dark material, Frank Leone jumps in the unpleasant headspace of what seems like constant reports of violence. “Supertramp USA” is a bad trip that you want to take, broken into two strange parts. Starting with a Death Grips (!) produced first half, Frank Leone basks in a calm, sun drenched rock verse, surrounded by unease bleeding through the edges. Cue an unsettling interlude, and “Supertramp USA” warps into a demented carnival of a track produced by Frank Leone himself. It’s not like anything you’ll hear anytime soon, in the best way possible.

“Supertramp USA” is a song that you’re liable to jam out to, and if you listen closely become a little disturbed, a little unsettled. It’s turning the funhouse mirror on you, but the distortions are more real than you thought. Any music that makes you think is worth getting behind, and by the end of "Supertramp USA" Frank's message on avoiding the reaper is loud and clear. You can find this on Leone’s Death Grip project, and if you want to hear more check out Frank Leone’s other album from this year, Enter Wild