Defcee • "A.D.D. Music 2"

"I rap like Action Bronson after a breakup / I got Drake eyebrows and Mike Posner shape up."

Five years ago, Chicago rapper Defcee released the song "A.D.D. Music". With production from frequent collaborator Moses (the two released a mixtape together called Selves), the three-minute song boasted "13 subjects in 44 bars". 

Acting as a loose sequel, yesterday Defcee delivered with "A.D.D. Music 2". With production from Seattle/Portland producer Goldenbeets, this time around, Defcee boasts "ten thousand topics in twenty-four bars". And he's not far off from the truth.

Although this won't be found on the his upcoming album, be on the lookout for Defcee's Damn Near Grown, dropping before the month's over. Until then, this clusterfuck of subjects and bars should hold your attention. 

"Your music's likely illuminati / I can't get into it."