Monte Booker & jay2aintshit • "Gina"

It wouldn't do us any good to tell Monte Booker to slow down, as he and the whole Zero Fatigue collective seem to be on a warpath mission from hell (or "on high") to continue releasing constant fire until the world is engulfed in flames. Days after entirely producing Smino's five song EP blk juptr, Monte is back for more. 

In preparation for their anticipated Zero showcase this upcoming Sunday at Schubas, Monte Booker and rapper jay2aintshit came together for the new number "Gina".  Adding on to a long list of heaters delivered throughout 2015, "Gina" allows jay2aintshit to step into the spotlight while he runs through an unflinching instrumental from Booker. Jay2 is the member of Zero Fatigue I know the least about, but by simply scrolling through his SoundCloud account, you will find three additional songs produced by Monte Booker ("PayPerView", "Maintenance", and "WYR") as well as one produced by Smino ("Ain't Sweat"). Jump into Jay's world so you can be ready to vibe during his set on Sunday.  

Shout-out to Monte Booker for using color palettes for his SoundCloud uploads. "Gina" is definitely a light yellow.