Lucki Eck$ • "Jigga in '98"

Lucki Eck$ is closing out 2015 with a bang. Two months ago saw the release of his Freewave project, ten tracks that took Eck$ in a new, more loose direction, honing in on chopped/screwed samples, significant bass, and a lo-fi quality that he seemed to be dabbling with on his early 2015 EP [X]

Now, as if to not fly into 2016 quietly, Eck$ gives us the loose single "Jigga in '98". Resorting back to an older era of hip-hop, full of substance and excess, Eck$ drenches himself in a thick coat of purple before hopping into the pill-scattered recording booth to do serious damage. With production help from GRiMM Doza (credited here as grim doza), the crackling lo-fi instrumentation is half of the appeal. At only 90 seconds in length, the late night track makes even more sense when it is tagged as "darkluck" and "waveydon" and with the SoundCloud description reading "@ midnight". 

If one thing has remained the same through the progress and evolution of Lucki Eck$, it's that his ear for production is unparalleled in the Chicago rap game. This is actually the second song between Eck$ and GRiMM Doza, as the two connected on the track "SELFUL", a track that has since been removed from the Internet. 

[Side note: in regards to the title, 1998 was when Jay Z (then Jay-Z) released Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life.]