Sicko Mobb (Ft. Jeremih) • Expensive Taste

The trio we didn’t realize we’re waiting for has triangulated their creative know-how for what should at least be a fan hit; Sicko Mobb’s Lil Trav and Lil Ceno, and Chicago’s 2015 Sinatra, Jeremih. Sicko Mobb is amazing. Jeremih is similarly amazing, one of Chicago rap's biggest names at this juncture,  and embarking on his Def Jam Revenge Tour. Was there ever any chance “Expensive Taste” wouldn’t be fire? It may have been recorded before Jeremiah’s current label quagmire happened, but you know he was excited to drop it now that Def Jam’s nonsense is being aired out.  

As for “Expensive Taste”, these three have had a lot of success, material and critical, and on the material end they know exactly how to enjoy themselves.  Evidently, this track came to be after the three met at a strip club, a perfect genesis for a song such as this. "Expensive Taste" is classic happy Sicko, a good time thrown into hyper-speed. Jeremih is responsible for the hook and gives the chorus a light touch that melds with Sicko Mobb’s carefree persona. Like Flaming Hots and cream cheese, it's a combo that may seem strange but couldn't be more obvious in retrospect. That might not be the best example for a track called "Expensive Taste", just know that the song is a promising forecast for all artists involved as we transition into 2016.