Abandoned Mall Arcade • DUAL

It's been a busy week for Chicago music releases, as numerous artists have felt the need to drop something before the ball drops at midnight on January 1. As December nights grow colder, more and more music will see the light of day. 

One of the groups throwing their hat into the ring is Abandoned Mall Arcade. Made up of producer Elias Abid and rapper Jabril Power, the two came together earlier this year and released their self-titled debut EP, as well as a music video for the introductory track "Vishnu". Since that release in September, Abid has put out a song with singer CHAI while Power has released a freestyle over some Com Truise production. 

Yesterday, the two reunited one last time before 2016 (or is it?) in the form of a split single. Dropping two songs at once, AMA gave us "X Factor" and "Sun", two songs full of high-intensity production and aggressive lyricism. The easy comparison to make is Yeezus, but like I said, that's an easy comparison. Instead, develop your own interpretation of these two tracks, both of which are full of multiple flow and instrumental switch-ups, as well as some guitar work by Quinn Cochran. 

"I've been on the road, just all alone. I've been on the road, just on my own."