Louieboii Slim (ft. Courtlin Jabrae) • "One Day"

Carbondale stand up! Southern and Central Illinois may seem underrepresented in the local scene but it’s definitely lurking, and if you're raising an eyebrow just take a look at the impressive collection of live shows they get before casting the side-eye. The region has some exciting talent emerging, including Klevah, the recently featured Frank Leone, and particularly for this post Louieboii Slim and Courtlin Jabrae, both who have more strong releases out this year than you may realize.

Louieboii Slim spins the drill sound with a speedy lyricism and Courtlin Jabrae is a member of the ever-expanding group of innovative rappers that switch-hit and sing the lights out. Together they’ve cooked up “One Day”, a thumping track that shares its name with an underground classic. Containing similar themes to Bun and Pimp’s gospel but with a far less fatalistic outlook, “One Day” takes a weary look at life south of Chicago and the two rappers' plans for takeover. The rumbling production shakes the ground under their feet but Louieboii and Courtlin keep it steady, and Jabrae has a searing second verse that flares in pitch and intensity. When it comes to Illinois, it may be time to recognize and quit hatin' the south.