Lil Durk • 300 Days 300 Nights

Following up his debut album Remember My Name, which was released earlier in the year to an underwhelming--although not totally unexpected--response by fans and critics, Lil Durk attempts to regain his footing with a new mixtape hosted by Don Cannon and DJ Bandz. 300 Days 300 Nights kicks offs with a heartfelt recorded message from the rapper’s dad (a.k.a. the original Durk) that, alongside the awesome cover art, sets the serious mood for most of the ‘tape. In it Durk deals with the dangers of local fame, violence, and the music business while trying to uplift his community, stay in love, and maintain his head above water.

The new project includes the label-conceived hashtag moment “My Beyonce” featuring Dej Loaf, but that’s basically the only radio single you will find here as Durk reduces his auto-tune usage for a style reminiscent of his early-career releases. 300 Days 300 Nights is also complimented nicely with guest-appearances by Future, Zona Man, Meek Mill, Young Dolph, Hypno Carlito and a Bump J interlude. Yet his production choice is disappointingly stale for the first half of the ‘tape, making it hard to actually enjoy getting to the standout jams “Spent Me,” “On My Soul” and “Ride For Me." As we've mentioned before, Durk is a really good rapper and there’s some moments here where he proves his hype is real, but overall it feels like he needs to find a new sound that will propel him past the massive amount of competition for supporters that exists both on a local and national level.

As a bonus, you can also peep the video for “Gunz And Money” below.