BoatHouse • "shldrln" & "A Drive with Fia"

Chicago beatsmith BoatHouse has been hard at work all autumn. After performing in New York as part of the Boiler Room / CMJ series, he released his debut instrumental EP, GIRL, last month. The seven song project is a soundscape version of a day in the life of a stargazing womanizer, falling in love with every babe that walks by. 

Following his EP, Closed Sessions announced a new addition to the label: Cleveland rapper Kipp Stone. The announcement arrived with a new single, "Seen it All", produced by none other than BoatHouse. Although that dropped a week ago, BoatHouse decided to wait no longer and drop a loose solo track. The result is "shldrln", which snags the a cappella from the famous Young Dro and T.I. single "Shoulder Lean". Crafting his own unique instrumental, the track slaps harder than ever before. Grow nostalgic with the words, and jump into the future with this beat. 

Not to be outdone, BoatHouse decided to let loose yet another track before going to bed. The second piece is "A Drive for Fia", which is an 80 second instrumental. No a cappella this time around and with a bit more dream-like qualities, the one-two punch BoatHouse packed for a random Wednesday was handled very classily and highly respectably. Shout-out to the artwork on both.