SolarFive (Ft. Supa Bwe) • "Stevie Nicks"

December always makes me reflective. While I might spend January-November writing about music with a focus on the present and the future (what the artist dropped/what the artist is about to drop), I find myself looking back on the entire year when I write in December. As a result, when OnGaud member SolarFive released his track "Stevie Nicks" with Hurt Everybody's Supa Bwe, I was forced to look into yesteryear.

Both Solar and Supa have had strong years. Alongside collaborations with production crews OnGaud and CHI-VII, Solar released an EP entirely produced by Dougy (look him up), he contributed to the Chicago instrumental compilation W3NDCH3LL, and he released songs with Noah Sims, D. Graves, and Mojek. Supa, meanwhile, released two solo EPs, two Hurt Everybody projects, and enough scattered singles to fill a six-CD changer. It's great to see both of these artists together and how fitting, in fact, that the first time I met both SolarFive and Supa Bwe was during the video shoot for their collaborative track "Feeling Alright". 

Perhaps another reason I'm reflective is because when clicking on the song above, you'll notice that the release says eight months ago. I had to triple check to make sure I wasn't tweaking on an old song. While SolarFive and Supa clearly crafted this song in early 2015, Solar held off on the drop until December. "Stevie Nicks" is full of tongue twisting aggression and horn-heavy samples and comes as a nice surprise for the end of the year. The song is barely over two minutes and knocks through all 135 seconds. For those keeping score at home, this is the second song between Supa Bwe and OnGaud this week, as the Music Garage madmen released "You" over the weekend.