Premiere • Savier: "Plan The Escape"

Directed by Mars

Today's premiere comes from an old friend and talented musician Savier. I was first introduced to Sav nearly four years ago as he and Elishua moved around as duo called Animuse. As part of Animuse and now as a solo artist, Savier has always been a strong emcee and producer. Consistently offering a dark and dreary backdrop to his content heavy raps, when Savier does drop new music, listeners are urged to pay attention. On that note, while Savier continues to offer his production skills to other artists, it has been some time since we've heard anything new from Savier the emcee. That changes today and Savier goes on to explain his absence and prepare fans for a busy winter in our conversation below. While we intently await the opening of the flood gates, take this time to get to know Savier and watch his theatrical visual for "Plan The Escape", a song about coping with life's trials and tribulations as well as with one's own demons. 

The video is like nothing I've seen before and it strays from the typical rap production. Can you tell us a about how you linked with Mars and how the concept of the video came about?

Mars and I have been friends for some years now , that kid is extremely talented. 
We actually met at this week long indie music festival that would happen every year.
My tattoo shop had our own booth for like 5 yrs so he would just hang around with us,
we'd bum around, bullshit, do these goofy ass freestyles. Good times. 

We always talked about connecting on a real level , both in music and visuals.  
So over the course of a few years we actually did it, traveling between Detroit and Chicago.

We haven't heard solo Savier in a while. Is this song telling of what we can expect from your new music?

I'm a bit of music hoarder , I make tons of tunes and hoard 'em for a bit, perfect 'em, and release 'em at slow steady pace. A slow momentum / build for this tidal wave that's on it's way. haha.

I would say not to expect the same sound, because I'm very experimental when it comes to that. Not every song will be the same. I try to make every song unique everytime, which would explain some of the hoarding. I will say to expect more musi , and more visuals! 

So you dropped a new single, does that mean an album is on the way?

The album is in fact on the way. Sooner than you think, but before then a couple more new tunes, couple more visuals, some more shows and then I'll give it to y'all. 

I've got my hands in a bunch of other projects, just teamed up with Glass Tree, been doing production for other artists, You know, keeping busy. Just know I'm going to continue to keep it entertaining during the mean time. That's a promise.